CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.
CSA is designed to let a community of people be able to support their local farms while receiving a healthy variety of produce and other farm items. When supporting your local farm you are also helping keep the land viable for generations to come and keeping more resources within your community.

When you join a CSA you become a member of that farm. You are investing in that farm for the season that is available at the time. A CSA program may be set up however it works best for that farm. CSA’s are in general under the same concept, but no one CSA is exactly alike.

When a community member joins a CSA, you pre-pay for a specific share, for a set amount of weeks, for a chosen drop off or pick-up location. A share is a box you will receive from your farm with produce or other items. You will receive your share each week or however set up for the pre-set weeks paid for earlier in the season. During your CSA weeks the farm will fill your share (box) with whatever their farm produces. Your share will be picked up or dropped off at your pre-chosen location. Our CSA is slightly different than other programs, in that instead of getting whatever the farm chooses to give out each week, you get to choose what goes in your share each week from what is in season. To learn more about how our CSA works click, How it works.

CSA is great way to be able to provide you or your family with quality, fresh, nutritious produce or other farm items. You are able to have a variety of fresh flavors at your fingertips without even breaking a sweat! Everyone wants to be able to eat healthy and nutritious. With everyone’s time constraints at work, with family, and just life in general no one has time or the energy anymore to invest in raising and tending to homegrown goodness. That is where CSA makes life simple! You pre-pay, order the size share perfect for your needs, and pick when and where. It doesn’t get much easier than that! Eating healthy and nutritious with homegrown flavor is waiting for you in your community through your local CSA!
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